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magazine SFX
United Kingdom
4 reviews
One year (13 issues) for €162.50
SFX is the biggest, brightest and boldest science fiction magazine in the world, full to the brim of everything and anything you ever wanted to know about science fiction, fantasy and horror.
Well known for our irreverent but fond attitude to SF, we are the number one SF mag.
With all the latest information in one handy package, you can find out what's coming out, and when. Discover the views of the stars in our many exclusive interviews and see exactly what goes on behind the scenes of your favourite movies and TV shows. Explore the depths of some of the greatest minds in literary SF and comicdom and read our reviews of all the latest films, DVDs, videos, and books.
Our honesty is unparalleled - if something's crap, we say so! But if it's great, we lavish it with praise. And to make doubly sure you can trust our word, every time something is re-released, a new reviewer has a look at it, ensuring our opinions are unbiased and varied.
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    SFX: Reviews and opinions

    (Click here for ordering SFX)

    A great magazine. I enjoy the interviews and features. Every scfi fan should read this mag.
    Laura on 27-08-2010
    It wasn't my magazine anymore because there was nothing about angel en buffy in it. But if you are an sf lover it still is a beautifull magazine with lots of info.
    katja on 19-09-2008
    I still think it's the greatest magazine ever, if you're interested in al things that have to do with SF. And I'm still glad I can read the SFX every month!!
    Katja on 19-05-2005
    I think it's the greatest magazine I ever read. I watch a lot op sf series and movies, so with this magazine I can learn a lot more. And also the pictures are perfect in the magazine, I'm proud to be a member of SFX
    Katja on 23-03-2005

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