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1 Time Magazine
2 O, The Oprah magazine
3 Wired
4 Scientific American
5 Sports Illustrated
6 Fine Woodworking
7 Vogue USA
8 Patrones
9 Slam
10 Martha Stewart Living
11 Rolling Stone
12 Harvard Business Review
13 Vanity Fair USA
14 National Geographic Int edition
15 BBC Gardeners' World
16 Bloomberg BusinessWeek
17 Computer Arts
18 Sound on sound
19 Good Housekeeping
20 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist
Frequently Asked Questions.
    1. When can I expect my first issue?
      Backissues are received within 2-3 weeks. For subscriptions your first issue will start arriving within eight to ten weeks after we receive your order, but it does depend on the frequency of the magazine you've chosen and what part of the world it is being shipped to.

      • If the publication is a weekly, you should start to receive your first issue in approximately four to six weeks,
      • Bi-weeklies and monthlies take approximately six to ten weeks to start.
      • If the magazine publishes bi-monthly or quarterly, receipt of your first issue may take as long as ten to twelve weeks to start.
      • Daily Newspapers usually begin within 10 to 14 business days.

      Once we receive your order, it will take a week or two for your subscription to be received and scheduled by the publisher, where it will then be included with the publisher's next production cycle and shipped via standard mail. For example, if a subscription to a monthly magazine is ordered and received by the publisher in June, and the July or even August issue has already been labeled and/or mailed, your first issue would be included with the August or September mailing.

      Please be assured that these are standard industry lead times, it can vary from publisher to publisher.

    2. What if I cannot find a certain magazine on your website?
      Please email me because it is very likely we can deliver it. We have 260.000 different magazines, journals and newspapers in stock and the website online contains about 25000 of them so there's a good chance we'll have it!

    3. Can I send magazines as a present?
      Yes, all magazines can be given as a present.

    4. Do you ship everywhere?
      We practically ship everywhere in the word. Occasionally we won't be able to ship to certain countries. In that case we will notify you immediately after the order. Of course any payments are refunded immediately.

    5. Do you accept creditcards from all countries?
      Yes, we do. We may require additional proof in certain cases.

    6. Do you accept paypal payments from all countries?
      Please check this page on the paypal website for this.

    7. Can I order back issues?
      We may do this as an extra service for our current or new subscribers but in general we don't because of adminstrative issues.

    8. From which countries do you offer magazines?
      From about almost every country in the world. Our goal is to delivery any magazine anywhere except in the country of it's origin.

    9. Why do you require payment in advance?
      The reason why we ask for payment before any magazine can be delivered is simply because publishers require us to pay immediately as well. Of course if ocasionally we are unable to deliver of if you are unsatisfied with our performance for any reason, the money will be refunded.

    10. Are erotic magazine packaged discretely?
      Yes, we respect your right to privacy.

    11. Who are you?
      Just a magazine freak who likes to read all magazines before sending them. Just kidding :-)

      My name is Ivo and I live in the Netherlands. I've been in the magazine business a long time (used to deliver Donald Duck as a little boy). So it all started as a hobby.

      People's interests are so specific nowadays that the international magazine business made a lot of sense to me. Also I found out that it can be very hard to find or order a magazine you're interested in. Currently I have sent thousands of magazines all over the world and each time when I read the different reactions I am very happy. So please don't hesitate to send yours!

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